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This script takes as an input a text of a work of classics (lines should be numbered and the end of each line should be marked by <br> tag), line prefix and line name, and outputs for each line of text a html table row (<tr> tag) within which there are two table cells (<td> tags). In one of them there is line of text with the line prefix stripped, wrapped in <a> tag and having an id attribute consisting from line name and line number; in another one there is a checkbox. Such table rows after wrapping them by <table> tags are used in Classics Unlocked website for publishing texts of classics.

In order to test the script copy the contents of the textarea below and paste it into "Text input" textarea.

Now enter "IL.1." (without commas) into "Line prefix" textinput and press "Format text" button.

Line prefix

Line name

verse line other

Text input

Text output

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