Analysis assets opened

by Laisvunas on Tue, October 16, 2007  

For some time I was quite busy thinking and experimenting in order to find out what could be the best way of collecting text and code which is produced in the process of compiling a Classics Unlocked edition, distributing it between participators in the particular project, and making it reusable in different projects. The result is Analysis assets section of the website.

The concept I have adopted is as follows. Someone, probably project admin, logs into control panel of Classics Unlocked website and using special form enters the text of some classics work. Then the server generates following sets of HTML tables:
1) Text tables
2) Scanned text tables
3) Basic Analysis tables
4) Morphology tables
5) Syntax tables
6) Dictionary tables
7) Commentary tables
8) Prosody tables
These tables I call "Container tables". They display lines of classics text and serve as as containers into which analysis of these lines can be inserted. For example, dictionary tables serve as containers into which dictionary articles explaining meaning of the words of one or more lines can be inserted.

Each participator in the project visits the pages containing the code of the table he needs, copies the code into clipboard, saves it as a file and opens in his favorite text editor. The code of the table contains special Classics Unlocked tags marking the places in code which can be modified and explanations which show more exactly what modification is expected. For example, one dictionary table contains such marks: <!-- {line13_word4_dictionary} [φέρων] --> <!-- {/line13_word4_dictionary} [φέρων] --> These marks contain opening tag {line13_word4_dictionary} and closing tag {/line13_word4_dictionary} which together show the place in the code where dictionary article explaining the fourth word from the verse 13 can be inserted. [φέρων] indicates the word which should be explained. After filling the places marked by Classics Unlocked tags each participator logs into Control Panel and posts the table he modified. Posting is done by entering several parameters, such as title, URL title, date, which were copied together with the code of the container table. The analysis submitted is instantly accessible for viewing and commenting.

There are pieces of analysis, such as dictionary articles, grammar paragraphs, inflection charts and explanations of the syntax of constructions, that need to be inserted into several different container tables. To enable easy finding and reuse of such pieces of analysis they are posted using special forms in Control Panel and are collected in Analysis assets section of the website. Dictionary articles and inflection charts are grouped together as "Dictionary and morphology assets"; grammar paragraphs and explanations of the syntax of constructions are grouped together as "Grammar assets".

UPDATE Mon, October 13, 2008
Since this post Analysis Assets section of the website has grown into kind of a platform for compiling ebooks in Classics Unlocked format. Accordingly, the gateway page no more has the title "Analysis Assets"; it is titled now The platform.

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