First project started

by Laisvunas on Fri, March 23, 2007  

The first project to produce a compilation of classics work in Classics Unlocked format started! Some pages of the First Book of Homer's Iliad in Classics Unlocked format already published; you can read and comment them.

During the work of compiling the idea of Classics Unlocked format is slowly taking more concrete forms. As for now, it seems that the analysis of the classics text according this format should contain following parts:

Most fundamental part is, of course, Basic Analysis, which as it seems, should in its turn contain following parts:

The work of compiling proceeds quite slowly. Project as this is essentially the project to be done by a group, where someone compiles dictionary, another one — commentary, the third — prosody, the fourth — morphology, and the most experienced in the group — Basic Analysis and Syntax. Now, the project to compile the First Book of Homer's Iliad in Classics Unlocked format is the idea and work of only one man, so be patient.

The compilation of the first pages was done by analyzing line after line all aspects mentioned above. Proceeding this way the character of the work being done constantly changes: one set of skills is applied doing Basic Analysis, another set of skills — compiling Morphology, the third — compiling Dictionary etc. This accounts for considerable loss of productivity. To increase productivity the workflow will be changed. From now the compiling will proceed in such steps:

Express your opinions on this project by commenting particular pages and participating in forums.

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