Frontend and backend changes

by Laisvunas on Tue, May 13, 2008  

Although I was not posting any articles for several months, there was much of activity on Classics Unlocked website during this time. Myriad of bugs were fixed and many small features added. To the visitors most of these changes are not perceptible, but collectively they result into smooth functioning of the entire website.

One change is easily noticeable — renewed design of the website's main sections, such as "Home", "Projects", "For authors". Older design of these sections with it's old-fashioned three-column layout and brownish color-scheme was conspicuously inconsistent with blue and violet theme of ebook and Analysis assets pages. New design features two-column layout and the same blue and violet color-scheme as in all other pages. As previously, the design is intended to be as simple and distraction-free as possible. I hope you will like it.

Another noticeable change is removal of "Blog" item from navigation; you will find "News" instead. Website's raison d'ĂȘtre is publishing of classics, not blogging about it. There are news and opinions about current projects and activities, but no abundance of events or points of view suitable to blog about.

Developing Classics Unlocked website I learned much about ExpressionEngine, a CMS which powers it. Now I see clearly that many architectural decisions I made in initial stages of the website's development were wrong, that the management of the website and starting of new projects is much more complicated than it should be. In order to improve management of Classics Unlocked website I will undertake in the next several weeks or months a radical reorganization of it's entire backend. Number of templates and other backend constructs will be reduced several times and starting of new projects will be as easy as adding a few new categories. No new materials will be added until these changes will be completed.

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