Images in ebooks

by Laisvunas on Thu, May 26, 2011  

After several moth of coding image gallery functionality has been added to ebooks. An ebook in Classics Unlocked format now can contain author portraits as here, illustrations as here and a list of all its illustrations as here.

Each picture can be clicked to view it in full-size. Clicking a picture opens a window containing the picture, its caption and the Previous/Next links for viewing other pictures placed on the same page. That's is usual functionality of javascript image galleries.

The script used is Floatbox. It was chosen because of its usability and one feature which is rare in javascript image galleries — zooming. In Floatbox each picture can be zoomed in and out. This is very important for pictures displaying ancient artefacts and scholarly reconstructions — viewing them you often want not only get a general impresion but to study the tiny details as well.

Images currently added to the pages of started projects only demostrates the capabilities of the templates and image gallery script. Later these images will be replaced with those who are really needed for the relevant projects.

So, the first stage of the roadmap described in my latest post I consider completed. Now I begin the work on the second stage — removing any hardcoding of the autoincrements from templates and scripts.

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Sohil on Thu, October 16, 2014 - 4:35 pm# 1  

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