Small tool called Date picker

by Laisvunas on Tue, October 16, 2007  

New tool is available in authors' section of our website — Date picker. It is a tool for those who post excerpts from grammars and commentaries. Excerpts from grammars have standard titles, such as "§ 589", "§ 712", "§ 335", etc. Titles of excerpts from commentaries are also standard: "Verse 1", "Verse 2", "Verse 3" etc. These titles should be ordered according their numerical values, as here: "§ 1", "§ 2", "§ 3", ... "§ 10", "§ 11", "§ 12", etc. But instead ExpressionEngine, a CMS which powers Classics Unlocked website, orders titles which include numbers alphabetically, so that we get "§ 1", "§ 11", "§ 12", "§ 13", ... "§ 2", "§ 21", "§ 22" etc.

Two solutions are possible here. The first is writing PHP script. The other is ordering titles by date — since the dates on which excerpts from grammars and commentaries are posted does not matter, you can order entries properly by setting dates manually so that every entry with a bigger number has later date. The latter solution not only is less complicated to achieve, but also has a serious advantage: ordering by date will be retained on search results page in cases when search outputs many results.

Calculating and formatting a date for every particular entry is dull and time-consuming job. Here comes Date picker script. Date picker script takes as input a string, parses from it a number, and for any number in a range between 1 and 99999 it picks a date which is later than any date it picks for any lesser number and earlier than any date it picks for any bigger number in that range. The dates the script picks are formatted as in ExpressionEngine's PUBLISH page. So, enter title containing number or only a number, push the button and you will get a date ready to be pasted into ExpressionEngine's PUBLISH page.

UPDATE Mon, December 28, 2009
Date picker tool was removed from the Platform section because more advanced way of ordering of entries was adopted. Now ordering of entries is done using Seeries add-on which is based on series of entries concept - pipe delimited string of entry ID numbers.

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