The text of the first book of Iliad published

by Laisvunas on Tue, October 16, 2007  

As I wrote in my previous post, the compiling of the First Book of Homer's Iliad in Classics Unlocked format will proceed in six steps and the first of them will be publishing of the text of this book. I am happy to announce that the text is already published. You can see it here.

The text is based on Walter Leaf's edition of Iliad. One could ask "Why Leaf's? Why not Monro and Allen's edition which is used by both Perseus and Chicago Homer?" The main reason is punctuation. Punctuation in Monro and Allen's edition is very scarse and this does not aid understanding of the work. In Leaf's edition punctuation is rich enough and Leaf is very careful about it.

The biggest change I introduced to the Leaf's edition is the change of iota adscript to iota subscript throughout the text. Perseus and Chicago Homer websites did the same with Monro and Allen's edition. Other changes are as follows:
Verse 8. τίς τάρ changed to τίς τ' ἄρ
Verse 65. εἴ ταρ changed to εἴ τ' ἄρ'
Verse 93. οὔ ταρ changed to οὔτ' ἄρ
Verse 123. πῶς τάρ changed to πῶς γάρ

The text is devided into smaller meaningful chunks. Each chunk is prefaced by a sentence or two sentences long synopsis which is based on the one found in Allen Rogers Benner's Selections from Homer's Iliad.

The text can be read in two modes: not scanned and scanned. By default you will see the text without scansion. If you switch to scanned mode you will see only some lines, since as yet the scansion is entered only for a handful of verses.

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