The new roadmap

by Laisvunas on Tue, December 27, 2011  

At the end of the year 2010 I published the roadmap for ClassicsUnlocked website. Now, after finishing just 1 of the 6 steps of that roadmap I feel the need to rethink it. Three main ideas I find important.

First, during the last couple of years the version 2 of ExpressionEngine CMS has matured and leaving ClassicsUnlocked website based on the outdated version 1 of this CMS does not seem a good way to ensure its long-time viability.

Second, I came to conclusion that basing projects' workflow around Control Panel is wrong. I.e. it's wrong that all publishing and editing should be done in Control Panel. Now I think that projects' workflow should be based on SAEF (stand-alone entry forms), since this approach allows for more flexibility and usability.

Third, architecture of ClassicsUnlocked website required saving certain HTML code in database together with content. That's obviously wrong. It seems that only certain most primitive text-formatting markup can be allowed into database.

These are important consirerations which do not allow to continue executing the former roadmap and do not allow merely revising it. Some radically new roadmap is needed which involves switching to ExpressionEngine version 2 and new architecture of ClassicsUnlocked website. So, here it is, now consisting only of 2 steps:

1) Writing of about 10 add-ons which provide needed functionality, such as multi-language, online keyboard, keyboard mapping, combined RSS feed, flexible member administration, flexible entries administration, new forum posts widget, new comment entries widget, control panel admin comments add-ons. Most of them, unfortunately, are quite complicated to write.

2) When these add-ons will be ready, recreating ClassicsUnlocked website based on the version 2 of ExpressionEngine CMS at the same time changing its architecture so that publishing will be based on SAEF and saving certain HTML code in database together with content will be avoided.

Adopting such roadmap means the end of the development of current ClassicsUnlocked website. The only thing that will be done untill needed add-ons will be ready and recreating of the website based on ExpressionEngine version 2 begins is publishing news articles.

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