The platform

In the process of compiling an edition of classics work in Classics Unlocked format there are constantly produced some bits of text and code which can be shared and reused. Let's call such text and code "analysis assets". Analysis assets together with tools which enable their orderly storing and sharing constitute Classics Unlocked platform.

Some analysis assets can be used only in one project. Let's call them "single-project assets". They are server-generated HTML tables which display lines of classics text and serve as containers into which analysis of these lines can be inserted, introductions to particular works of classics, commentary excerpts dedicated to particular lines of classics text.

Other analysis assets can be used in many projects. Let's call them "many-projects assets". They are typed and properly formatted dictionary entries, grammar paragraphs, inflection charts, explanations of the syntax of constructions, explanations of abbreviations or abbreviated references.

Analysis assets of the third type consist of texts of general introductions (i.e. introductory texts dedicated to several works of classics) and texts of grammar works. They relate to many projects as reference materials. Let's call this type of analysis assets the "reference assets".

Yet another type of analysis assets consists of various tools needed for administering particular projects. Those tools are used mainly by project admins and editors, so let's call them "admin and editor's assets". Here belong various lists of categories, fields, variables which admins should know starting projects or referring to projects. Also here belong certain scripts which allow for automatizing tedious tasks of manipulation of some kinds of code or text.

Those collaborating on the projects can use any of analysis assets thus saving their time and effort. Every project contributes to the pool of analysis assets and makes the work on any ongoing or future project more efficient.

I. Single-project assets

Introduction page: paragraphs

Introduction page: tables

Text page: tables

Analysis page: commentary paragraphs

Analysis page: tables

II. Many-projects assets

Abbreviations page: tables and items

Preface page: tables

Acknowledgments page: tables

Introduction page: tables

Analysis page: morphology and dictionary

Analysis page: grammar paragraphs

III. Reference assets

General introductions: paragraphs

General introductions: tables

Grammar: tables

IV. Admin and editor's assets

Categories, weblogs and fields